Rattles continued (literally)

A week after I got the rattles ‘fixed up’ by Subaru Doncaster (most of which were apparently a known issue among the new Imprezas) all of them came back šŸ˜¦

Now I’m seriously feeling bad about complaining at this point, because the service technicians at Subaru were really nice and I totally understand why it would be difficult to track down some obscure interior rattle, but my point is:


Seriously, what the hell? How hard is it to put a bunch of rubber/silicone/foam seals all over the place to prevent the interior rattle? How much could it possibly cost, considering I already cost Subaru much more than that by coming back to deal with the same rattle/squeak issues 3 times?

Why didn’t my mother’s $21,000 Corolla have any issues? Why didn’t my dad’s $16,000 Fiesta have any issues? Why didn’t my mum’s 2nd car, $26,000 Caddy have any issues? What about all the second hand cars we’ve owned over the years? If they can have rattle and trouble free interiorsĀ (not mentioning 0 issues with powertrain), why can’t a more expensive Subaru sort that stuff out? Surely the higher cost must mean higher quality right?

Have no fear though, Subaru, I’m going to book another appointment tomorrow and will continue doing so until every damn issue is fixed up or you get so sick of me and my bullshit (actually asking for my brand new vehicle to feel…. brand new) that you give me my money back. I’ll just do work on my laptop while you guys ‘fix’… :S


Raatttttttlllllleeees, rattles everywhere!! D:

Pretty much as the title says – rattles EVERYWHERE. I’m not quite sure whether I should mention which areas are rattling or which areas are not, since I’m unsure at this stage which list would be longer šŸ˜¦ Here are theĀ “few” interior location where rattles are most obvious:

– Dashboard left speaker

– Dashboard right speaker

– Dashboard demister

– Centre console

– Driver’s side window/roof support/door/somewhere

Going for any sort of decent drive leaves at least 2 out of the areas mentioned above rattling pretty much constantly.Ā Quality Subaru Engineering…

Booking another appointment at Subaru Doncaster this time to get them to have a look at the interiors as I’m afraid I would get the same “cannot reproduce” answer from Subaru Mentone. This time though – I’m going to video record the rattles and bring them with me…. God of Subaru, have mercy of my soul..

Squeaky seat fix – not as easy as one might think

..Fast forward a month of horribly squeaky seats, 3 calls to the dealer and 2 calls to Subaru Australia and I finally got my seats fixed up.

Apparently the “few days” to get the parts weren’t all the dealer needed. I have no idea what took so long as they wouldn’t tell me, but surprisingly enough after giving up on the wait 3 weeks in and calling Subaru Australia (after attempts at trying to pull some some info about what is going on from the dealer failed) I got called back from the dealer telling me to bring my car in since all the parts are now present,Ā after a minor 4 week wait.

Yay! -_-

On the bright side – no more squeaky seats (and it only took the dealer around an hour or so of work..)

Squeaky seat fix – easier than one might think :D

Coming back to the dealer after a few days to specifically deal with the seat issue, I was better prepared this time. A quick google search showed thatĀ quite a number of people were having exactly the same issue with new Imprezas. In case anybody is interested, here’s the most useful link:Ā http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2358942

Talking to the dealer this time seemed to go better, with a different mechanic coming out to discuss the issues with me. Showing him the service bulletin from Subaru got him to (quite eagerly I must admit) agree that this issue should have been fixed at 6 months service and that the dealer would call me back in a few days (once they have all the necessary parts) to bring my car in to fix this.

“Yay!” I thought… a few more days of this frustration and then the seats will be awesome once again (like they should be on a 27 grand brand new car in the first place…)

Seats (still) squeaky

Driving away after my 6 months service and 15 minutes later the (big surprise) seat squeaks came back with a vengeance. Too bad it was past 5pm and the dealership would have been already closed if I turned back.

I called back and made another appointment with the dealer to deal specifically with the seats which were (by this stage) driving me insane.

12,500 km / 6 months Service

Getting back from the roadtrip and clocking up just a bit over 12,500 kms on the odometer I got my 6 months service done on the 3rd day back.Ā 

Having encountered the few issues with the car over the 6 months I made sure that I explained in detail all I knew about their occurrence to the service department of Subaru Mentone. Here’s what came out of it:

General Service – all okay

Low oil level at 11.000 kms – not an issue apparently :/

Intermittent engine stalling after warm start – cannot reproduce/find issue :/

Seat squeaks – cannot reproduce, but tightened..something as pre-caution šŸ˜¦

Interior rattles and squeaks – cannot reproduceĀ any …grrrr >.<

So all in all my $345 did not really go as far as I was hoping for… somehow I have a feeling that I will be coming back..