Brand new rattles

Following the last case of interior rattle/squeak/etc fixes, my 2012 Impreza decided to develop a new one… yay!!

The left door speaker is now rattling like there’s no tomorrow every time it gets to around 10-15 degrees C and I’m driving with some music playing on around 15-20 (which by my standard is not very loud at all). It also rattles whenever going over a small bump on the road, getting on/off hwys (where road surface changes) and in other cases too.

Booked in another service with Subaru Doncaster and asked to speak to a mechanic working on my car (as the last time I asked for that, the issues reported, actually got mostly resolved). To my disappointment I was told that it was not known who would be working on my car and I would get a call whenever they found out, so I could advise on more details about the issues. (Once again I took some videos before hand and already knew about where to apply pressure to remove this issues temporary). Did not get the call…. and when I picked the car up I was told that the issue has been successfully resolved, so I though “oh well, at least it’s fixed – so all good”. Right? Wrong! Driving back from the service centre and to work the next day, the issue was there with no notable change (for better or worse). It actually seemed like nothing was actually done in the service centre at all….

So, without much of a delay, I booked another service coming up in a few days. I made sure to outline the ignored suggestion to contact me over the phone when booking the service.

So now I’m taking more videos of the horrible rattles and hoping that they will be resolved shortly.. and finally…. will update the situation in the next few weeks


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