Rattles continued (literally)

A week after I got the rattles ‘fixed up’ by Subaru Doncaster (most of which were apparently a known issue among the new Imprezas) all of them came back šŸ˜¦

Now I’m seriously feeling bad about complaining at this point, because the service technicians at Subaru were really nice and I totally understand why it would be difficult to track down some obscure interior rattle, but my point is:


Seriously, what the hell? How hard is it to put a bunch of rubber/silicone/foam seals all over the place to prevent the interior rattle? How much could it possibly cost, considering I already cost Subaru much more than that by coming back to deal with the same rattle/squeak issues 3 times?

Why didn’t my mother’s $21,000 Corolla have any issues? Why didn’t my dad’s $16,000 Fiesta have any issues? Why didn’t my mum’s 2nd car, $26,000 Caddy have any issues? What about all the second hand cars we’ve owned over the years? If they can have rattle and trouble free interiorsĀ (not mentioning 0 issues with powertrain), why can’t a more expensive Subaru sort that stuff out? Surely the higher cost must mean higher quality right?

Have no fear though, Subaru, I’m going to book another appointment tomorrow and will continue doing so until every damn issue is fixed up or you get so sick of me and my bullshit (actually asking for my brand new vehicle to feel…. brand new) that you give me my money back. I’ll just do work on my laptop while you guys ‘fix’… :S


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