Raatttttttlllllleeees, rattles everywhere!! D:

Pretty much as the title says – rattles EVERYWHERE. I’m not quite sure whether I should mention which areas are rattling or which areas are not, since I’m unsure at this stage which list would be longer 😦 Here are the “few” interior location where rattles are most obvious:

– Dashboard left speaker

– Dashboard right speaker

– Dashboard demister

– Centre console

– Driver’s side window/roof support/door/somewhere

Going for any sort of decent drive leaves at least 2 out of the areas mentioned above rattling pretty much constantly. Quality Subaru Engineering…

Booking another appointment at Subaru Doncaster this time to get them to have a look at the interiors as I’m afraid I would get the same “cannot reproduce” answer from Subaru Mentone. This time though – I’m going to video record the rattles and bring them with me…. God of Subaru, have mercy of my soul..


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