February 2013. After around 6 months of deliberation on the brand and model of the car I should get I narrowed it down to the Subaru Impreza 2013 2.0i-L and after a couple of attempts at getting the price I wanted from a few different dealerships and a very unpleasant experience with Subaru Berwick (http://www.subaruberwick.com.au/), I put down a deposit for the 2012 Impreza in Ice Silver at Subaru Mentone (http://www.subarumentone.com.au/), amounting to $27.000 all together with floor mats and mud guards.

I’ve had quite an interesting experience when settling the payment when picking the car up with the sales person who was desperately trying to get me to take out a loan for the car (while I already brought in a check to pay outright) and failing that, ended up focusing his efforts on the pushing me to purchase the Extended Warranty. He started off lying about what is covered or not (which I confirmed right there by going through the documentation) and then ended up telling me that my car’s electronics would break within 5 years (which I guess was supposed to make me get the Extended Warranty?) and will need expensive repairs. At that point I took a step back – “Breaking within 5 years you say?” I asked “Is that what buying a brand new Subaru is going to be like?”. He straight away went back on what he just said and tried covering it up with “I just want what’s best for your”, “You never know”, etc statements – I guess this was another case of a car sales person getting caught up in his own bullshit.

I paid for the car outright without getting the Extended Warranty and drove out of the dealership after having a very nice and useful intro to my new vehicle by another sales/customer support person.

This whole experience has left me happy with the new vehicle, but reconfirmed my previous suspicion that 90% of car sales people are lying, cheating scum that have no idea how to talk to their customers and lack basic respect. Hopefully I won’t be buying another vehicle any time soon – and with what I’ve heard about Subarus from friends and co-workers – I should have this car for many years to come with no (hopefully) issues.


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