Melbourne-Sydney-Blue Mountains-Canberra-Melbourne roadtrip

After a few months of thinking about and planning (leave from work & destination, route, etc) me and my girlfriend finally decided to go on a long-ish roadtrip. Around a week all up, visiting Sydney, Blue Mountains and Canberra before getting back to Melbourne.

Taking an oil can with me (see previous post about low oil level warning light) we set out on the journey early morning on a Saturday. Leaving the actual trip details out (it was a great trip) a few points of interest about the car:


– Fuel economy (averaged around 5.5 on the freeway with 2 passengers and around 20-30 kilos of extra weight for the whole journey which was amazing compared to my old Magna, which averaged around 9.5-10 on the freeway

– Well designed controls (entertainment, heating, cruise control)

– Red interior lighting (I just can’t come to terms with how good it looks!! :D)


– Rattles (getting worse…. and after 30 something hours of driving all up it was getting damn frustrating!

– Seat squeaks (now both passenger and driver seats are squeaking like there’s no tomorrow….grrrrrrr) 😦


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