Initial feelings – pluses and minuses

After around a month of driving my new Impreza I figured I’d have a pretty decent understanding on what I did and did not like about the car so far. Here’s a quick rundown:


– Very nice interior feel (plastics, steering wheel, switches and knobs)

– Decent stereo and speakers

– Good fuel economy (averaging around 7.5-7.8 when driving to and from work)

– Rear view mirrors (seriously, these are great – large enough to see everything that needs seeing, yet not too large to be too in-your-face)

– Instrument and overall interior lighting (loving the red colour interior lights XD)

– Trip computer (useful info, good layout and good protection from sun glare)


– Lackluster acceleration (I understand this is no sports car, but my dad’s 80kw Fiesta probably accelerates better)

– Whiny engine note (seriously – the engine sounds bad. Bad, bad – nothing else to say there)

– Loud gearbox noise (slipping the clutch produces a loud, whiny sound… by far the loudest out of all manual car’s I’ve driven/been driven in)

– A few minor rattles (dash speakers, centre console – nothing too bad, but not great. Hopefully will fix up in 6 months/15.000kms service)

– Minor seat squeaking (so far just the driver’s seat – seats have a slight squeaky sound when pressing the clutch or going over bumps)


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