3 months in – rattles and squeaks :(

About 3 months in my awesome, new Impreza started to turn those minor intermittent interior rattles and slightly audible seat squeaks into a something more annoying. The seats squeak pretty much constantly now – whenever going over bumpy sections of road or pressing the clutch when changing gears. VERY ANNOYING!!

The interior has around 3-4 separate rattles – front dash speakers, center console and another one somewhere from the right side of the vehicle, which I can’t figure out the origin of so far..

For a brand new almost 30 grand vehicle this is quite… poor..in my opinion, considering none of my parents budget cars have a similar issue… actually – none of the cars that I’ve driven in Australia (including an 1988 Nissan Pulsar and 1995 Mitsubishi Magna) have had any interior rattles.


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